Develop Powerful Intuition, Age-Defying Health & Incredible Vitality!

Energy Healing & The 6th Sense



Track 1 – Why Learn Energy Healing and the Sixth Sense?

Track 2 – The benefits of learning this

Track 3 – Spiritual connections

Track 4 – Directing your spiritual focus

Track 5 – Baby rabbits – an experiment

Track 6 – Psychics

Track 7 – The new age controversy

Track 8 – What blocks most people from learning this?

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Who Is This For?


✔️ If You Want Better Health


✔️ If You Want More Happiness and Joy


✔️ If You Want Deeper and more Fulfilling Relationships


✔️ If You Want a Better Understanding of the Mysteries of their Life

✔️ Knowing what Their Dreams mean


✔️ If You Want To Relieve the Anguish they have in Certain Circumstances


✔️ If You Want to relieve the pain from past traumas in your life


This is for YOU ...


This is what most people want and need.


These are the consequent results of learning the principles of Energy Healing & the Sixth Sense!

Message From Ed Strachar


The concepts, methods and principles I will share with you in Energy Healing & The Sixth Sense are the culmination of many years of practice, research and application.


I traveled the world searching out Masters of Healing; powerful healers and clairvoyants who can achieve remarkable transformations in their clients’ lives.


I journeyed to faraway places to watch and film their techniques; talking to them; delving into and understanding their spiritual secrets - secrets of age-defying health, longevity and healing.


It took me years to really understand and apply these skills in my own life, yet once I had mastered them, I moved up a level to acquire the skills to be able to apply them and teach them to others.


Now, Energy Healing & The Sixth Sense is available to you, so you can have all this knowledge and expertise at your fingertips in one complete package.


Whatever you do, please do not underestimate the power of the knowledge contained in this program or the changes that may unfold in your life as a result of your new learning.


My best wishes to you!

Elite Healer, Creator: Healing Genius®

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